Hunting – Winning New Customers

We have seen that many companies in the security industry live quite a bit off of current customers and find it challenging to win new clients.  Integration companies might find new clients from incoming leads or referrals, and manufacturers may receive calls from new prospective integration partners because they were specified in a job, but proactive and strategic development of new business and new clients rarely exists.


The company that needs this program is one that is interested in finding new customers.  I know, that sounds like every company because who doesn’t want new customers?  However, this specific program is for the security integrator or manufacturer that feels they have to identify and win new customers in order to thrive.

New Business and Client Development takes a commitment, and the ideal customer for this program is one that realizes they need new clients and is ready to start targeting and winning new business.

What is it?

The goal of our Winning New Customers program is the same for both integrators and manufacturers: win new customers.  However, the specifics of the program are different for each of them.

For security integrators, we identify end-users and end-user markets to pursue, and implement a plan that positions your company as the subject matter expert in one or a few relevant subjects.  We create a following for you at the customer level and train your sales people on methods of building loyalty from current customers and admiration from prospective customers.

For manufacturers, we build a program that drives demand at the end-user and specifier markets, and position you as the subject matter experts in one or a few relevant subjects.  We develop mechanisms that enable your channel to push your content to the end-user and specifier space, multiplying your results dramatically.

The result is the same for both: more new customers won in a more effective and profitable manner.