Sales Assessment & Gap Analysis

Every business in the security industry can benefit from our Sales Assessment and Gap Analysis.


Most organizations that are in growth mode evaluate and make changes to their other departments to keep up with the growth, but they don’t pay much attention to sales. After all, the sales are coming in, so why change anything? The result is often a sales strategy, process, and tools that have been outgrown by the company. We often see a $25M business is operating with a sales organization ideal for a $10M business; or a $10M company is often operating like a $3M sales team.

Our Sales Assessment and Gap Analysis is ideal for the security company that has seen their growth flatten, or might still be in growth mode but feels the “wheels falling off” their sales vehicle. It’s also beneficial for the business that hasn’t made any changes in a few years and would benefit from a third party who understands the security industry taking an objective look at their sales operations.