Sales & CRM Process

We have learned that almost every integrator and manufacturer past the start-up stage and smaller than $100M in revenue could benefit from our Sales & CRM Process program. Since sales doesn’t have a standard operating procedure like accounting, service, engineering, etc., we have found that most of companies in the security space have a process that has not been defined that well or is the product of one person that implemented the system they might have learned at a previous employer.  Many times that can be counter-productive – especially when hiring someone from a large business to build process in a smaller company.


The companies that need this program are security businesses that feel like their sales process is unorganized, inefficient, or full of bottlenecks.  If you feel like you have to constantly “reinvent the wheel” and you’re not getting the most out of your sales people, then your process probably needs to be improved.

What is it?

Our Sales & CRM Process program is a nine phase program that delivers an ideal sales machine and internal process for your company.  It is based on standard principals, but will be tailored to your size, culture, and needs.  At the end of the program, your sales people will gain hours per week of productive selling time, your leadership will have the data necessary to make important decisions and project future performance, and your other departments will feel less frustrated by the sales department.

In one statement, our Sales and CRM Process Program is different than most others because we build a process for your people and then create the CRM and other tools to fit that process, not vice versa.