Sales Staffing & Onboarding

We have found that many security companies have had issues with turnover in the sales department. We believe it is because of their staffing strategies and techniques, and a lack of on-boarding appropriate for a typical successful sales professional.

Any small to medium sized business who is hiring sales people should consider this program. However, if you’ve experienced a disappointing turnover rate in the sales department or feel as though your sales people are not effectively on-boarding within their first 90 days of employment, then you definitely need this program.

What is it?

Our Sales Staffing and On-Boarding program considers sales hires as unique from other departments’ hires.  Bad sales people are great interviewers and can manipulate the system if there aren’t effective techniques put in place. Great sales people are competitive and welcome a focused on-boarding program that helps them become productive in a shorter amount of time.

Our Sales Staffing and On-Boarding program is built and implemented into your company’s system to make sure you can attract, identify, and hire the great sales people; train and on-board them within the shortest amount of time; and measure the key performance indicators of their performance during their first six months of employment (yes, we start measuring KPIs from day 1).  The results are great sales people, producing at full capacity as soon as possible, and mechanisms that will notify you if you need to terminate within 90 days, before investing years and tens of thousands of dollars in someone that won’t work.