Sales Fundamentals & Planning

Many of our Sales Strategy and Alignment clients are stage 2 companies that are at a point where they need a sales team and plan, but don’t know where to start or what to do.  This description includes integrators that are past the point where the owner can handle all the selling and manufacturers who have gotten past the start-up phase and need to expand or create their sales organization.

We’ve also worked with larger organizations who have reached an inflection point and feel like they need to modify their overall sales strategy and team alignment, but they need help from an outsider’s perspective that has done this before.

What is it?

Our Sales Strategy and Alignment program initially focuses on the market and the next three to five years. We then analyze where the sales organization needs to be and what it needs to look like structurally in order to capture the market over the next three to five years. Finally, we build a strategy and personnel alignment plan starting with the company’s current state and evolving it to the desired state.

After building the plan, we stay involved for 12 months to ensure implementation. Most of our clients in this stage are running very hard to manage the day-to-day business, so we make sure that we stay focused on holding them accountable and navigating them through this growing process.