Growing RMR

All security integrator’s would like more recurring revenue  However, it seems that many struggle in shifting from selling systems based on a large capital budget to selling recurring service contracts.  Many think they have to focus on smaller clients and even hire kids out of college to knock on doors throughout neighborhoods.   Our program is built for the system integrator that currently sells and installs high end security systems to the commercial sector and wants to grow their recurring revenue without becoming a commodity business.

What is it?

Our Growing RMR program takes a system integrator through a process of evolving into a service organization, with the result being a sales team that consistently sells services that increase their recurring revenue.  At the end of our program, your sales people will be selling these services as part of their day-to-day routine – it will be a habit.

The program has seven phases and generally takes 12-15 months.  The bulk of the work is done in the initial four to six months, with the remainder consisting of coaching, training, and holding your team accountable until their behavior becomes habit and they realize the benefit of selling these services.