Developing A&Es & Consultants

This program was built for manufacturers that can’t justify hiring an entire department to focus on the architects, engineers, and consultants.  Typically, these manufacturers hope their sales people call on the specifiers in their particular region or territory.  However, the sales people usually gravitate to the activity that will drive short term results – working with end-users and integrators.  If the sales people do call on the specifiers, it’s common that they have to create their own presentation, and will commonly use the same presentation that they use on integrators and end-users.

What is it?

The Developing A&Es and Consultants Program builds the strategy, process, and tools that a manufacturer needs to effectively develop the specifier community and drastically grow the number of specified jobs.  After we build everything, we then train the sales team and managers on the utility of the system, and support the implementation period.