Assessment & Planning

We’ve learned that most independent companies operate in a silo, and don’t have the benefit of comparing their sales and marketing departments to a benchmark.  They inherently know they can improve, but they may not know where to improve, what the priorities should be, and what to do.

Our Assessment and Planning program solves these problems.  Because we work with dozens of security and IT companies every year, we’ve created a benchmark for all critical areas of sales and marketing.  Not only will we assess these parts of your business, but we also prioritize the most urgent items and offer you a plan of action.  Below are the areas of your business that we assess.

  • Strategic Sales Planning
  • Sales Staffing and On-Boarding
  • Sales Compensation Plans
  • Resources and Material
  • Meetings and Internal Communication
  • Sales Training and Coaching


  • Digital Inbound Marketing
  • Networking and Business Development
  • Account Management
  • New Account Capture
  • Recurring Revenue Sales
  • Channel Partner Strategy (manufacturers)

The information is collected through a discovery process and a two-day in-person visit.  The report is delivered at the end of the in-person visit.

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