Content Marketing Services for PSA Members

Become the subject matter expert

Vector Firm offers content marketing services to help PSA members leverage the many benefits of a modern marketing effort. We write industry specific blogs, write design and post value-added social media updates, write and design premium content assets (sell sheets, eBooks, case studies, explainer videos) and more.

Watch the video, or scroll down to see the types of content we can create for your business.

A content marketing service customized to meet your needs

Whether you need just one piece of content or multiple custom pieces delivered each month, we can help. We will write, design and publish or promote your content. From blogs and social posts to lead magnets, premium content assets, emails and more.

Grow Your Library of Content Resources

We can write & design everything you need to educate prospects, customers, your team and even future employees.

Blog Articles

We write blog articles designed to educate your prospects and customers about the problems you solve & security solutions you deliver.


We'll write, design and promote a research-based report to provide your prospects with a better understanding of an issue so they can make better decisions.

Social Media Posts

We write and design social media posts to keep your solutions in front of connections. We'll build a content calendar and posting schedule with graphics.

Case Studies

Customer case studies are an effective way to showcase your full solution - before, during and after the project. We'll write, design and publish this resource for you.

Video Explainers

Video explainers are perfect for describing a complex topic, or illustrating a security solution. We write scripts, design storyboards and produce the video with professional voice overs

Sell Sheets

Vector Firm will create a compelling sell sheet or flyer that details how your technology product or service solves end user security challenges.

Live / Recorded Webinars

Vector Firm will produce live or recorded webinars for your team. We play the role of moderator and produce slides to educate customers about specific solutions or services.

Buyer Guides

Vector Firm will write, design and promote Buyer Guides. These are multi-page documents that walk prospects through what they need to know before they buy.

Why Choose Us

PSA Business
Solutions Partner

We support PSA Members with marketing & sales training solutions as a Solutions Partner.

Security Industry

We work exclusively with Security Businesses and their Technology Partners.


We can work with you from one off design projects to regular monthly engagements.

We Know
What's Working

Our goal is to position you as the subject matter experts to everone in your eco-system. We'll show you how.