Growing RMR

Most system integrators want to increase their Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR), but they have challenges selling the services that lead to RMR. Typically, these integration companies have built their businesses by solving complex problems and installing large systems.  Growing their hosted and managed services can seem easy, but selling these services have proven to be difficult.

Our Growing RMR program is built for system integrators that are used to selling and installing large systems but want to shift their business to selling more professional services and increasing their RMR.

The Growing RMR program follows a deliberate process described below:

  • Assessment of people, systems, and culture.
  • Modification of the sales fundamentals to encourage RMR sales.
  • Creation of a marketing portfolio to stimulate RMR sales.
  • Sales training to help the team find, create demand of, and close RMR business.
  • Implementation of sales coaching and management process.

The outcome of our work together is a sales team that generates the desired amount of recurring revenue, and a sales coaching process that will ensure ongoing success.

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