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Four Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Sales People

If there is one statistic that is common throughout the security industry, it's the miserable rate of success in hiring and retaining successful sales people. Read this article to avoid four mistakes.

Five Best Practices of Effective Sales Coaches

One of the largest gaps I see in sales managers' performance is their lack of coaching. I don't mean formal sales training but coaching done by one's boss. Read this article for 5 best practices.

Five Keys to Coaching without Micromanaging

Micromanager. When considering sales managers, the term is exponentially more volatile - and more common. Discover the five keys to coaching without micromanaging.

Six CRM Best Practices for Sales Managers

If there is one thing all sales people can agree upon, it's that most companies have a poor CRM process. Read this article for six best practices for your company to fully utilize a CRM system.

Five Ways a Sales Leader can Find & Win New Accounts

For a million valid reasons, commercial security has evolved into an industry of account management. What can sales managers do to reverse this trend? Read this article for five tips.

One Thing Every Sales Manager Should Have

Due to the volatility of the sales leadership role, and the unpredictable ups and downs, succeeding over the long term can be very difficult. However, there is a solution. Read this article to find out.

How to Weather the Forecasting Process

If you're a sales manager, read this article for four best practices on navigating the sales forecasting process with your team.

The Sales Managers Playbook

The task of a sales manager is quite difficult. Here are five ideas that will help you spend more time with your sales team and, in turn, pay more attention and focus on the ultimate goal.

How to Manage a Talented Sales Person

So, what can a sales leader do to realize their talented salesperson’s potential while also maximizing the team’s production? Read this article to learn how.


Results Don't Matter, Focus on Your Process & Morning Routine
Show highlights:
  • How managing your energy maximizes your sales (rather than managing your time) (1:07)
  • Why being so excited to succeed makes you fail (2:39)
  • How getting fired gives you the courage to start your own consulting firm (4:45)
  • Why daily meditation helps you close more door-to-door sales (7:11)
  • The “Apple iPhone Way” of doing more than building a relationship to get customer loyalty (8:10)
  • Why turning the “5 Modern-Day Selling” core beliefs into routines and habits is the single best thing you can do for your business (14:34)

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Five Core Beliefs of Modern-Day Selling


Customers and prospects don’t believe they need salespeople anymore.


The primary goal of prospecting is to become known as a subject matter expert.


Purchasing decisions are made by multiple people who may not know the salesperson.


Customers and prospects are distracted more than ever, rarely focused on salespeople.


Salespeople must make their customers successful. Satisfaction and friendships are not enough to maintain the business.

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