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In today’s world of buying, there is a great opportunity for system integrators to grow rapidly by implementing our marketing and sales strategies that position your salespeople and company as subject matter experts, and by using our proven management methods. Our mission is to help system integrators and their technology providers drastically improve their sales and marketing results. Review our solutions below and let’s talk when you’re ready.

Our Sales Management Consulting Solutions Include

Forecasting & Pipeline Management

Forecasting & Pipeline Management

Forecasting sales is challenging for any organization during any environment. Vector Firm’s Forecasting program provides a simple and straightforward way for salespeople and management to manage their sales pipelines and forecasts.


Sales On-Boarding

Sales On-Boarding

Vector Firm’s Sales On-Boarding is a program that provides a three-phased approach to ensuring that new salespeople are fully ramped up and executing at full strength within three to six months. We work with our clients to customize our program into their organizations.

KPIs &

Sales Staffing

Sales Staffing

Sales Staffing is a program that provides a strategy and structure to the staffing process for salespeople and sales supporting personnel. We have a library of techniques and questions, and we will lead the process of creating a written Sales Staffing Plan that will identify the right sales professionals for your company.

Sales Compensation Plans

Sales Leadership Coaching

Sales Meetings & Communication

Sales Plans & Strategies

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The best teams are magic. Roles and personalities complement each other. The whole becomes greater than the parts. Performance soars. Finally, there’s a scientific way to design high-performing teams with predictability. 

Vector Firm can help align your business strategy and people strategy. 

Why Choose Vector Firm

Vector Firm’s purpose is to help system integrators and their technology providers improve their sales and marketing results.

Five Core Beliefs of Modern-Day Selling


Customers and prospects don’t believe they need salespeople anymore.


The primary goal of prospecting is to become known as a subject matter expert.


Purchasing decisions are made by multiple people who may not know the salesperson.


Customers and prospects are distracted more than ever, rarely focused on salespeople.


Salespeople must make their customers successful. Satisfaction and friendships are not enough to maintain the business.

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