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SJA: Leaders in Security Podcast Women in security: Enhancing diversity

In this roundtable episode of the Security Journal Americas Leaders in Security Podcast, to mark International Women’s Day and in partnership with key figures from the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Women in Security Forum (WISF), we discuss how to make work environments within the security industry more equitable. SJA Editor Victoria Hanscomb is joined by Rajant Corporation’s Alice DiSanto, Content Creation Partners’ Margie Gurwin, Vector Firm’s Chris Peterson and SIA’s Dr Elli Reges. Listen to their conversation to discover more about the work the WISF does to increase the presence and support for women in security.

From the Vector Firm Sales Academy, listen to some of our podcast recordings below.
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Five Core Beliefs of Modern-Day Selling


Customers and prospects don’t believe they need salespeople anymore.


The primary goal of prospecting is to become known as a subject matter expert.


Purchasing decisions are made by multiple people who may not know the salesperson.


Customers and prospects are distracted more than ever, rarely focused on salespeople.


Salespeople must make their customers successful. Satisfaction and friendships are not enough to maintain the business.

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