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LRG Partnership

Vector Firm is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with LRG, Inc.
LRG Inc., represents many technology brands of Fire, Access, Video and Networking solutions. They can assist you at no charge with product recommendations, job walk/quoting assistance and more. 

Vector Firm has created a lifetime discount code for LRG customers to use for our online sales training platform – Vector Firm Sales Academy. Learn more about Academy below and use LRG at checkout to redeem your 10% discount code. 

Vector Firm Sales Academy

The Vector Firm Sales Academy has been created for sales people that work for system integrators and their technology partners.  The Academy is a continual sales training program that provides lessons on different topics each month.  We understand the hectic schedule of today’s salesperson, so we’ve designed our training to be fully implemented in less than 90 minutes per month. 

Sales Training for System Integrators & Technology Partners

Every month brings a new topic.   We have over 100 video courses in our training library including 75+ lesson plans – see our topics, click the button below.

Like Netflix for Salespeople & Sales Leaders

Our training sessions are archived and ready to access on demand as soon as you join. You’ll have immediate access to:

  1. Monthly Webinars.
  2. Action Items.
  3. Podcasts & Videos.
  4. Points & Rewards and more.

Why Choose Us

We Know
What's Working

Our mission is to teach modern ideas of selling that work perfectly with the modern way of buying.

LRG Partnership Discount

Receive a lifetime discount on your membership in Vector Firm Sales Academy - use LRG to redeem your coupon on checkout.

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Security Industry

We work exclusively with Security Businesses and their Technology Partners.

Continual Sales Training for your Team

Organizations that provide continuous training are 2.3 times more likely to outperform their competitors.

Training Library

Immediate access to our library of Sales Training content, Lesson Plans, Sprints, Podcasts and Videos.

NEW Sales Topics
Each Month

Each month you'll be invited to our LIVE Webinar where we teach a new topic.