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Vector Firm Sales Consulting Helps Team Achieve RMR Growth in Short Period of Time.

For well over a decade, Cam Connections, Inc. (CCI) has provided custom-tailored security and loss prevention solutions for hundreds of America’s leading business and government entities. These systems were typically large and based on a project-by-project basis. With an expertise in selling and installing large systems, the sales team had grown accustomed to selling projects without considering a service that could add recurring revenue to the CCI portfolio.

After reaching a comfortable size and realizing they were behind in RMR, they reached out to Vector Firm for the Growing RMR program.

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Why Choose Vector Firm

Vector Firm’s purpose is to help system integrators and their technology providers improve their sales and marketing results.

Five Core Beliefs of Modern-Day Selling


Customers and prospects don’t believe they need salespeople anymore.


The primary goal of prospecting is to become known as a subject matter expert.


Purchasing decisions are made by multiple people who may not know the salesperson.


Customers and prospects are distracted more than ever, rarely focused on salespeople.


Salespeople must make their customers successful. Satisfaction and friendships are not enough to maintain the business.

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