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Three Keys to Vertical Market Sales

In the market today, customers can easily access any information they need on virtually any topic. Today, customers know their problems and they can find solutions online. They may not be able to complete the designs or do as professional of a job as an expert, but their perception is that they can come close.

In this marketplace, a salesperson who only knows their solutions – no matter how brilliant they are – will be reduced to a proposal architect and order taker (perhaps).

Today, salespeople must know their world (security) and the problems, trends, people, politics, and requirements of the markets they serve; in fact, most customers expect their salespeople to know their industry almost as well as they know security. The most effective way to know these things is to focus on one or a few vertical markets.

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Five Core Beliefs of Modern-Day Selling


Customers and prospects don’t believe they need salespeople anymore.


The primary goal of prospecting is to become known as a subject matter expert.


Purchasing decisions are made by multiple people who may not know the salesperson.


Customers and prospects are distracted more than ever, rarely focused on salespeople.


Salespeople must make their customers successful. Satisfaction and friendships are not enough to maintain the business.

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